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08 March 2009 @ 09:36 pm
Prose #2  

The hoodie, I've written about so many time before, almost seems like a character in my head. I feel the soft fleece and smile, knowing he has felt the same feeling. A blush rises on my cheeks, thanking God no one else heard the thought but me. The long sleeves fall much farther past my fingers, obviously designed for another gender that I laugh at the fact I bought it for it's presence in my mind, but I don't care, I snuggle deeper into the fabric and feel my eyes droop. I let a smile curl upon my lips as let myself feel happiness; it's so foreign that it scares me to feel something so... bright. I let it fill me and love it, wish that my life could always feel this good, but I know it won't last, nothing good can last for long.

Current Mood: happyhappy